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Jan 9, 2015   //   Classes Updates, Training

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Now is the time to take positive action to ensure your long-term health and well-being!  It is up to each one of us to look after our own well-being, and find at least 30 minutes to move our body each day! What better way to exercise than to include mindful meditation and stress relief along with the physical movement of our body.

Avoid long periods of inactivity – Remember:- If motion is lotion, no matter how it’s applied, the important thing is to just keep moving!!!

Active Health Insurance!  Remember regular exercise is the best prescription you can take to maintain – and improve – your health. Stress is also the cause of so much of our illness today, so combine relaxation and exercise. Do some Tai Chi or Qigong – “Moving Medication”** – you can’t afford to neglect your health!

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In the words of Professor Karim Khan editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

“Surely limiting our daily sitting/lying to only 23.5 hours: is not too ambitious”?
“Physical activity is a legitimate medical therapy; when will we treat it as the magic bullet and polypill it is? Avoiding inactivity is crucial! Sedentary behaviour itself is an independent risk factor for chronic disease as high as; ‘diabetics’, ‘obesity’ and ‘smoking’ combined”.

** Conventional medical science on the Chinese art of Tai Chi now shows what Tai Chi masters have known for centuries: regular practice leads to more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a sense of well-being. Cutting-edge research from Harvard Medical School also supports the long-standing claims that Tai Chi also has a beneficial impact on the health of the heart, bones, nerves, muscles and the mind. In fact according to Harvard Medical School, Tai Chi is not just “moving meditation”, but “moving medication.” they said.

Research continues to show the benefits of playing Tai Chi and Qigong for:-  Health, Relaxation, Fitness, Strength, Flexibility, Recuperation, Stress Control, Balance & Stability, Injury Prevention, Pain Relief, Energy, Falls Prevention, Arthritis, Back Pain, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Rehabilitation, Better Breathing, Boosting the Immune System, Vitality and Wellbeing… and the list goes on!

It’s easy to make immediate excuses but it’s what you do in the long term that counts (use it or lose it). There are only two types of practice: good and none. Every little bit you do, does accumulate. When conditions are right, things thrive. (but beware of that too) ‘Yang Sheng’ nurture conditions for your life!


Tai Chi and Qigong has been known to cause increased energy levels, health and happiness.

Discover how to make Tai Chi and Qigong part of your daily life now!

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