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Dec 20, 2010   //   Classes Updates, Special Events

The Yellow Emperor’s Heart Calming Exercise 


Taoyin was an ancient form of medical treatment and exercise. In these colorful illustrations the figures are painted wearing a variety of clothing styles and represent a spectrum of ages

A short intensive course with Master Rod Ferguson 

It is believed that the legendary Yellow Emperor practised a form of gentle callisthenics known as Tao Yin 4,500 years ago. 

Grandmaster Khor says in his book “Reflections on Qi” that “We know from archaeological evidence that Tao Yin exercises date back at least 2,200 years. The name is variously translated as; ‘Tao-inducing’, ‘Tao-guiding’, ‘The gentle approach to the way’ and ‘Guiding and pulling exercise’. 

The exercises are seen by the Chinese as the foundation forms from which the other Qigong’s developed. Again, their focus is to stimulate the flow of Qi around the body through the use of: stretching – breathing – acupressure and acumassage – visualisation and meditation” 

Master Rod will guide you through the eight exercises and additional Taoist energy skills 

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