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Sep 13, 2012   //   Special Events

AATC 2012 Highlight: – Taoist Master Zhou from Wudang Shan (Mountain) China

Wudang is the source of the pure and original Tai Chi, Taoist Qigong (including energy meditation), Traditional Medicine (including Acupressure & Massage) and Taoist philosophy.

Life on the mountain has always been about harmony with nature.

Throughout history the emperors, the royal families, generals and rich merchants have sought the expertise of the Taoists and bestowed riches to help with the research and construction of the majestic timeless buildings and centres of learning, such as the “Purple Cloud Palace”.

Grandmaster Khor and Taoist Master Zhou

Master Zhou grew up learning the traditional wisdom of the Taoists sages, almost without knowing that these skills were not widely known.

Master Zhou was a Local Martial Art champion, then a National All-round Champion before he returned home to retreat to the quietude of Wudang to develop his ‘internal art’ skills and to live the life of the ‘Tao’ on the mountain.

The Academy’s focus of 2012 will be on each individual – in nurturing and cultivating their own health, according to the Taoist way of life.

Taoism is not a religion; it is a philosophy, a way of life. It is a river. ‘Tao’ is the Chinese word for ‘way’ i.e. the natural order of things. It is a flow that goes through every living thing and object, as well as the entire universe. When things are in balance it is possible to be in harmony with the ‘Tao’.

The most common graphic representation of the ‘Tao’ is the circular ‘Yin / Yang’ figure. It represents the balance of complementary opposites. When they are equally present, all is calm. When one is outweighed by the other, there is need to return to order, i.e. balance / equilibrium. The Yin and Yang are a model that are followed, an aid that allows each person to contemplate the state of balance in their lives.

Free Event “Taoism – Magic in Nature” with Master Zhou Wed 29th Aug 7.30pm Sydney click here for details

Grandmaster Khor with Taoist Master Zhou

Grandmaster Khor with Taoist Master Zhou

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