Taoist life nurturing Wudang Tai Chi ‘Yang Sheng’

Aug 2, 2013   //   General Updates, Special Events

Yang Sheng literally means to ‘nurture life’. It’s a two thousand year old body of traditional Chinese medicine

Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophers saw the human being as the product of the interaction of the yin and yang energy (Qi) from heaven and earth. The human being is a mirror image of nature itself and the laws and forces of nature operates and pervades human beings. In order to survive, to maintain health and prevent the ravages of disease, humankind must live in accordance with the laws of nature. Disruption in this balance or disequilibrium will lead to illnesses, chaos, and upheaval in nature.

Qigong has been practiced and developed by the Chinese people for more than 5,000 years. The exercises and meditations are designed to integrate the mind and body to stimulate the unimpeded flow of qi, or bio-electricity, through meridians and channels in the body.

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Master Zhou  Taoist Qigong


Tai Chi and Qigong has been known to cause increased energy levels, health and happiness.

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