Tai Chi Sydney Seminar 2011

Jul 23, 2011   //   Classes Updates, Special Events

Grandmaster Khor welcoming a young Jet Li (Li Lian Jie) to the Academy in Sydney

Gary Khor founded the Australian Academy of Tai Chi in 1976. He has written numerous books and articles on the art of Tai Chi and Qigong. Highly respected in China, he was the first Australian to hold the title of International Tai Chi Judge, and appointed Grandmaster by the abbot of the Shaolin Temple. He has trained at the Beijing and Shanghai Universities of Physical Education and under China best masters, including martial art movie star Jet Li’s teacher.

Grandmaster Gary Khor has a talent for making complex topics easy to understand. Whether you are a raw beginner or advanced student he has a way to make Tai Chi and Qigong work effectively for you and help you to access the deeper benefits and skills of the art.

Grandmaster Khor Warriewood Workshop – 20th August 2011

Annual SEMINAR Sydney 16-18th Sept 2011 BROCHURE

Annual SEMINAR Sydney 16-18th Sept 2011 PROGRAM


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