Tai Chi Queensland Newsletter 3 2019

Tai Chi Queensland Newsletter Winter 2019

We hope you are keeping well and warm – especially with regular Tai Chi practice – during Winter. It is a well-known fact that Tai Chi boosts your immune system, especially if you are attending the energising Lohan sessions in the parks!

It is time to have a extra park session for Brisbane! We thought it would be a great idea to have a “Christmas in July” Tai Chi & Qigong session with a Tibetan Bowl sound immersion and a picnic, EVERYONE welcome. When: Sunday July 28th at 11.10am Where: Bellbird Grove Picnic Area in Brisbane Forest Park (10 minutes’ drive from The Gap – just head along Mt Nebo Road and turn right at the road sign) Bring: a hat, water, and a plate to share for lunch Cost: Free >>Click Here for Details

Our 43rd Annual Queensland Seminar with Grandmaster Gary Khor and Senior Master Rod Ferguson will be held at the Holy Spirit School Hall in New Farm, from Saturday Sept 7th and Sunday September 8th. Our theme for this year is “Good Vibes – Energy Medicine”. The program for the weekend will include: – Qigong Sound Vibration, Qi Meridian Cleansing, Chinese Health, Nutrition & Acupressure, Tai Chi for Health & Self Defence, and of course Tai Chi & Qigong Core Skills. Mark this weekend in your calendars, and be sure to keep it free to attend a very inspiring weekend of learning and experiencing the health-giving various arts of the Academy. >>Click Here for Details

There is only a short one-week break in the Brisbane evening classes and longer breaks at some of the daytime park sessions, but many continue right through – please check the schedule for your usual venues. The new schedule of classes is attached, or to see all areas. >>Click Here to See the Schedule

The only Gold Coast class teaching the Traditional Tai Chi long form is at Fradgley Hall in Burleigh and is continuing on for current students, plus we have a new beginners class commencing next week (Monday July 15th at 10.15am) – all new beginners welcome, just $12 to try your first class. The Gold Coast Active & Healthy 2019/2020 round of daytime park sessions (mostly FREE) begins next Monday July 15th, mostly at the same venues. However, the Varsity Lakes class has closed but there will be a new class starting early 6.30am Wednesday mornings (Oct to Mar Only) at SMITHS Collective Village Blvd & Nexus Way, Southport. Please check the schedule for your usual venues.
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The 40 Hour Jammin was a great success, with some of Australia’s best musicians, who played music for over 40 hours. This Jam was created by Shenzo (outstanding violinist from Brisbane) to raise much-needed funds for Motor Neurone Disease. A huge thank you to all our Tai Chi friends who donated to this very worthy cause. The Academy raised over $3,000 dollars (second highest fundraiser!), with $36,000 raised in total from the event. Here’s some more about the Tai Chi part of the event: although the weather was against us doing a couple of the scheduled sessions, we still managed to do Tai Chi to the accompaniment of many different musicians and instruments! Over 40 participants attended the Townsville workshop, where we played Shibashi Qigong to the soothing sounds of the violin and cello. Sunrise Tai Chi was not so spectacular as far as the sunrise was concerned, it was cloudy and extremely windy, but with Vinod (bamboo flute), Shenzo (bass), Charlie (percussion) and Andrew (violin) playing, the session was amazing. The sword demo accompanied by Kay on accordion was popular, and Horseshoe Bay was great for Tai Chi and Qigong at the market day. To top off the brilliant day, we witnessed a picturesque sunset to the sounds of an amazing jam and the amazing visuals of the fire show on the beach just after dark.
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Planning is under way for the Annual Wide Bay weekend workshop & park lesson. This year, the event will be held in Bundaberg on Saturday Oct 19th for the workshop and Sunday Oct 20th for the park lesson.

The next Queensland China Tour departing from Brisbane will be at Easter next year – 2020 sounds like a great time to visit China! Don’t miss this chance to join us for a great tour to some of the most beautiful natural scenic areas in China. Destinations for the tour include: Beijing, The Great Wall, Changsha, West Lake (Hangzhou), Yellow Mountain, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, along with FIVE fast train trips and endless delicious banquets. Have a look at the brochure and get your deposit in ASAP to secure your place. You don’t even need to know any Tai Chi to have a great time on the tour. >>Click Here for Details

Grandmaster Khor’s Newsletter also has more information about our seminar topics and upcoming China tours >>Click Here to read more

For other information, regularly check the website www.livingchi.com.au and the Master Rod’s Facebook page>>Click Here to see

Best regards,
Master Rod Ferguson


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