Stradbroke Island 2008

AATC Qld Inaugural Stradbroke Island Retreat at the ‘Anchorage Resort’, Point Lookout March 28 to 30, 2008

An Intensive weekend practice led by National Chief Instructor Rod Ferguson. The idea was to practice 26 different arts of the Queensland branch curriculum.

In harmony with nature РInspired  by our serene surroundings Sunrise and Sunset Tai Chi and Qigong were highlights.

Some of the comments received

“It has been a wonderful weekend, sharing our Tai Chi with everyone and making new friends with a shared interest. I look forward to continuing our journey.”

“Thank you for a well-organised, professional and FUN seminar – an enlivening experience!”

“This weekend has really awakened me to the amazing benefits of Tai Chi. To understand breathing and relaxation was as important to me as doing all the different exercises. I now understand a lot more about Qigong.”

“I found the weekend very challenging, in the best sense.”

“Can we do this again next year – same time, same place, same stuff – please?”


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