China Tour 2009

China Tour April 2009

Another adventure we will not forget!

A Tai Chi Garden + Practice Time Waiting for the Bus

The Summer Palace Beijing

Beijing by Night and the Spectacular Shaolin Show

Beijing Hutong Tour by Bike

Grandmaster Khor Presents Master Certificate to Rod Ferguson

Mountain village at Huang Sheng

The Rice Terraces of Huang Sheng

The River Li Scenery



Haung Long

Chengdu Panda Research Centre

Tai Chi in the ‘Birds Nest’ Beijing + Tai Chi early morning Guilin

Tai Chi Chengdu Airport outside

Tai Chi in the Peoples Park Chengdu

Pearl Falls Ju

Tibet design + Yak Butter Tea

Sunrise in Lhasa – Grandmaster Khor teaching breathing for high altitude

Sunrise Tai Chi in Lhasa – Tai Chi on Lake Nam the highest in the world

The Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple Lhasa Tibet

The highest altitude train – crowded train Shanghai subway – fastest (Mag-Lev) train 431 KPH

World Tai Chi Day Tai Chi on the Bund Shanghai

The sun sets on Shanghai


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