China Tour 07

An adventure we will not forget!

Grandmaster Khor lead us on an adventure of contrasts

The Old and The New

Grandmaster Khor and Rod Ferguson on the Great Wall

Training at Shaolin Temple

Early Morning Tai Chi with the Locals

Tour Group Doing Tai Chi Early Morning Beijing & Dali Airport

The Stone Forest Kunming

Pandas at Chengdu Breeding Center

Zen Falling and the Black Dragon Pool

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain + Water Calligraphy

From the Old (Dujiangyan 2200yrs) to the New (Shanghai 21st century)

Pearl Television Tower Pudong Shanghai

Pudong Shanghai + Acrobatic Show

Food – Always More Than Enough

Ceiling Designs

Cruising on Erhai Lake Dali

The Three Pagodas at Dali

Water Release Festival – Dujiangyan 2200 Year Old Irrigation Scheme

Ancient Bonsai

Colourful Minorities

Rural Scenes near Lijiang

Rod Did Tai Chi Everywhere Possible


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