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Faculty of Health QUT Brisbane Moon Festival

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Queensland Tai Chi Seminar 2014 and 30th Anniversary Celebration


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The Roots of Tai Chi Tour April 2014
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‘Roots of Tai Chi’ China Tour April 2014
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Snow Ice Tour 2014

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Aaron Khor training in China

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Woodford Folk Festival 2013_14

First Sunrise 20148am Daily on the Village GreenMaster-Rod-Ferguson-Lohan Demo


New South Wales Annual Seminar

China Tour April 2013

Group practice Chongqing 1Xian locals


China Tour April 2012 with Grandmaster Khor


Tai Chi Symposium Pictures


World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2012

Rockhampton Queensland in the Botanic Gardens


Stradbroke Island Retreat 2012

Fire & Water Qigong at Sunrise, Home Beach, Stradbroke Island 2012

Grandmaster Khor Woolongong Workshops

Queensland Annual Tai Chi Seminar 2011

World Tai Chi Day 2011

Queensland Annual Tai Chi Seminar 2009

China Tour April 2009

China Tour April 2007


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