Tai Chi Retreat Stradbroke Island

Tai Chi Qigong Re-create Retreat

A Wreckreational Weekend With the Works

Fire & Water Qigong at Sunrise, Home Beach, Stradbroke Island 2012

Friday March 15 to Sunday March 17, 2013 click here to download brochure .PDF for details
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"Recharge at Home Beach"

Twenty eleven
The brown lagoon has moved on
Letting spirits soar.

Facing the sunrise
‘Other matters’ drop away
Chi can flow serene.

Focus on the flow
Shedding all excess movement
Body sings with Chi.

Tides come in and out
Student footprints wash away ………….
Universal flow.

Tumbling in the waves
Tiny bubbles bursting froth
Woosh us in to shore.

Flowing movement Chi
Fold, melt, blend in nature’s rhythm
Our mind, our breath, aah!

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