Qld – Newsletter final 2015

Western Sunset

Once again the seasons have changed

We extend best wishes and deep appreciation to everyone for being part of the ‘Living Chi’ community.

As our current year draws to a close, thank-you to everyone who participated in the learning events throughout the year. It is by working on our own energy – and “living it” with others – that we can have an influence in the community and even the world.

We have added several events to the 2016 schedule.

* Woodford Folk Festival December 27 – January 1 – Daily Tai Chi and Qigong on the Village Green, 7.45-8.45am.

* Summer Intensive >> Click here for details with Master Rod Brisbane January 5th 12th & 19th (More details below)

* Check your local area schedules for 2016 starting dates. Some classes start throughout January, others not until the first week of February.

* Trainers Course >> Click here for details
for ‘non-expert group leaders’:- Tai Chi for Healthy Ageing course including falls prevention and chronic disease management will be held in Brisbane March 12 & 13. This will be open to everyone, but is specifically aimed at Allied Health workers and instructors.

* I’m excited to announce that we will be returning to the ‘sunrises’ and ‘sunsets’ by the sea and by the lake, and in the bush setting
and more at Alex Park Conference Centre at Alexandra Headlands for our annual recreational weekend retreat ‘with the works’ – along with some very special guests. April 1-3 >> bookings (deposits) open now

* Hold the dates for our Annual Seminars; August 19-21 in Brisbane and the celebratory 40th Anniversary National Seminar in Sydney Sept 2-4, 2016.

* Grandmaster Khor has two tours to China leaving from Sydney in 2016 and our Queensland Tour leaving from Brisbane will be in April 2017.
>> Queensland Tour 2015 Story and pictures

We also have some more great courses and events lined up and will post these on the Events Page once all the details are finalised.

>> Click here to go to the Queensland Events Page or to select your Local Area Page >> Click here

*Be ‘present’ – give it as a ‘present’*

Constant multitasking, overbooking and then blacking out with sleep creates a life of catch-up and anxiety. Tai Chi manages to slow time down to its natural pace. It allows the mind to rest calmly in the present moment, while the body flows with gentle exercise for every part.

The most important thing in our lives is good health. We give our cars regular services, but forget about ourselves. You can have many cars, but you only have one body! Look after it well. To maintain such a gift, Tai Chi & Qigong is the answer.

For those who have already experienced the wonderful feeling of Tai Chi, remember to play some daily for best results! We hope to see you again soon.

To those who have yet to experience that feeling, now is the time to take action and book in, to join a class near you.

You can also learn at your own pace at home with our books and DVDs >> Click here for our online store

*Gift and personalised Tai Chi*

*Private Tai Chi Sessions…*
Did you know you can book a private Tai Chi session? Each 60min session can be for 1 or 2 people and tailored to suit a particular need or goal. Private or larger Group Classes can also be held at your workplace, conference or special event.

*Gift Certificates Available…*

Christmas is coming soon… why not give the gift of relaxation. Gift Certificates can be made up for any of our Tai Chi classes or courses.

*Gifts for yourself or others…*
Our music CDs are appreciated by anybody that likes to listen to music for relaxation. Many of the DVDs can be followed at home even if class attendance is not possible.

*The Four Seasons and Qigong*

Summer – Hot – Fire – Red – Dynamic (drastic interactions of fire and water to re-balance extreme fluctuations).

Healthy exercises for the heart and small intestine, then onto the stomach and spleen.

*The Red Phoenix Spreads its Wings* – from Wudang Five Animals DVD with Master Rod Ferguson available online click here

Research has shown that the health of the heart is also dependent on the mobility of the Thoracic spine, this exercise massages the heart and lungs areas and increases flexibility in the thoracic spine and shoulders. As part of Traditional Chinese Medicine it helps to balance
our energy (Chi) and clears blockages from the meridians, relieving the burning of anger, reducing stress and calming the Mind/Heart. overall to improve the function of the cardiovascular system.

Focus on the centre of the palms and the spaces between the fingers, like the flight feathers on the birds wing. Also think about the ring
and little fingers where the heart and small intestine meridians begin and end.

Inhale while lifting the chest and lifting the arms overhead and forward opening and your hands with the back of the wrists lifting then with the palms facing forwards. Exhale and release the shoulder blades and bring your arms down. First keep the weight on the front foot then repeat the exercise sitting on the back foot, moving the arms backward and forward again the mobility of the Thoracic spine and massages the heart.

You can benefit from any particular seasonal exercise at any time of the year in fact practising all Five Animal Qigong exercises can bring all the elements into balance throughout the year.

Please note: Always be gentle, adjust to your own level, don’t force or strain, stop if it doesn’t feel right. Always seek medical advise if you have any concerns about your heart or any health issues.

*Brisbane January Summer Course* – Master Rod

Energy Work including:- Tai Chi, Qigong Massage points, breathing, meditation and mindfulness. Learn the Five Elemental Energies for
vitality and healthy aging. The complete Eight Treasures and Wudang Five Animals sets will be featured every session.

*Tuesdays January 5th 12th & 19th*
6.30-8pm – $15 one session $36 for all three
Holy Spirit Hall
Villiers St.
New Farm
>> Click here for details

With the coming of the Christmas Season I am reminded of the many riches and blessings I have received during the year both on a personal and professional level. My work as a Tai Chi instructor and the manager of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong – Queensland, provides me with many opportunities to contribute positively to the community for which I am grateful. The premise on which Tai Chi and Qigong is based, exists to enhance the way that we live, so I wholeheartedly hope that we have done our job of supporting you in this quest.

On a personal note I would like to THANK all of you who have supported us this year and we will be working hard in 2016 to continue to provide useful information and quality Tai Chi and Qigong to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, may you ENJOY and RELISH the moments throughout this Festive Season and Best Wishes for a New Year rich in HAPPINESS and PEACE.


Master Rod Ferguson


Tai Chi and Qigong has been known to cause increased energy levels, health and happiness.

Discover how to make Tai Chi and Qigong part of your daily life now!

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