Tai Chi China 2011

Apr 25, 2011   //   China Tours, General Updates

Our ‘Good Fortune’ Tour

We were so fortunate to have excellent weather, the best scenery in ideal conditions, great guides, insightful training and fantastic food – all first class – during our April China Tour with Grandmaster Gary Khor

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) at its best!

Destination highlights:- Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Tunxi, Huangshan, Dengfeng (Shaolin) and Wudang (legendary home of Tai Chi). 

Forty intrepid travellers joined the “Good Fortune” tour to China in April 2011. There were so many highlights and memories for us all. The photos can 

only tell part of the story, but we hope they give you an insight into our inspiring journey through the traditions and culture of this ancient enchanting land. The mindblowing futuristic cities and the more traditional rural settings made a vivid contrast for our senses.

Shanghai: our tour commenced with Tai Chi practice in the Peoples Park, immersed among a sea of local players also starting their day quietly in the bustling city of 20 million residents. 


A Slide Show of the April 2011 Tour

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