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Life After 40 – A Taoist Solution

Jan 5, 2015   //   Articles, Special Events

By Gary Khor Founder of the ‘Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong’ You have probably heard the saying “Life begins at forty” but perhaps your experience might be moreRead More

Taoist life nurturing Wudang Tai Chi ‘Yang Sheng’

Aug 2, 2013   //   General Updates, Special Events

Yang Sheng literally means to ‘nurture life’. It’s a two thousand year old body of traditional Chinese medicine Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophers saw the human being as the product ofRead More

Wudang Australian Connection

Nov 3, 2012   //   General Updates

At Wudang Mountain, Taoist Master Zhou presented Grandmaster Khor with a sacred portrait of Taoist immortal Zhang San Feng, the original creator of the Tai Chi art. This scroll isRead More

Taoist Master Zhou Australian Workshops

Sep 13, 2012   //   Special Events

AATC 2012 Highlight: – Taoist Master Zhou from Wudang Shan (Mountain) China Wudang is the source of the pure and original Tai Chi, Taoist Qigong (including energy meditation), Traditional MedicineRead More


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