Sep 27, 2014   //   General Updates, Special Events, Training

Our 38th Annual Seminar. Below are some of the comments from people who attended, they summarise the enjoyment and great benefits of good practice.

“The seminars I attended in previous years have all been excellent, but this year’s seminar was absolutely brilliant and tops them all.”

“Grandmaster Khor’s return to the basic fundamentals of Tai Chi, and showed how the key principles worked is a revelation of the magic of Tai Chi. Each Tai Chi movement came alive when he illustrated its health benefits together with corresponding martial art application and philosophical meanings.”

“Master Rod was most captivating with his vast medical knowledge of the human body and the applied Tai Chi health and healing. His own history and journey in Tai Chi is an inspiration to all”

“A great pleasure it was to see young Aaron Khor in action. It was particularly refreshing to witness his youthful exuberance and a treat to experience his training sessions”.

“I have heard of the famous Yi Jin Jing muscles & tendons rejuvenation exercise created by Bodhidarma which revolutionized the Shaolin monk’s martial art, but I never dreamt that its muscles stretching techniques can be so effective that it fix a stitch in my back that I have been trying to get rid of for ages. Wow, I can’t wait to lean more”.

Planning is already underway for our 2015 Seminar/Conference Series – It’s going to be the grandest yet with an huge step forward in spreading the accessibility of these therapeutic arts in the community.


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