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Dec 23, 2011   //   General Updates

Life Nourishment Skills

The Academy begins a new affiliation and a journey back to the roots of Tai Chi. This spiritual journey will feature study of the Taoist art of “Life Nourishment”, the philosophy, meditation and healing energy; Qigong, massage, and nutrition.

Wudang Mountain, is where Tai Chi was originally created. Up there on the mountain, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, life is still ancient, simple and innocent. A green paradise of peace and tranquility compared to the heavily distressed world. 

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Next year’s Sydney seminar (Sept 2012) will feature a Taoist master from Wudang.

Grandmaster Khor’s China Tours visit Wudang – Do Tai Chi in its homeland! Plus much much more

Tour 1.   TIBET – BEIJING – XIAN – WUDANG     
8th to 21st APRIL  2012

 26th Sept to 10th OCT  2012

The Purple Palace is one of the most beautiful places with original Chinese architecture dating back as far as 600 AD. Wudang has some of the finest examples of ancient Chinese culture and architecture.

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