New South Wales Tai Chi Newsletter Term 2 2011

Jun 5, 2011   //   General Updates

Tai Chi and Shibashi Qigong are the physiotherapeutic component of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are routinely prescribed to treat insomnia, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, chronic pain and even premature aging. Tai Chi was created by a Taoist called Zhang San Feng in the Wudang Mountains. The Taoists were naturalists who lived their lives in accordance with the way of Nature. To segregate themselves away from the distractions of human society, they chose to be hermits and lived in the high mountain summits where they communed with nature and heavenly bodies. They devoted their lives to seek enlightenment through skills such as meditation, exercises, heliotherapy, breathing, massage and natural food. Such skills are still being practiced in the pristine Wudang Mountains where the air is fresh and clean, and the peaks retain green and heavenly panoramic vistas.

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NSW Newsletter T2-2011



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