New South Wales Tai Chi Newsletter Nov. 2010

Nov 18, 2010   //   General Updates, Training

The basic levels of Tai Chi are so effective at improving health and well-being that many practitioners are not tempted to go beyond studying it as a slow, relaxed exercise. They happily do their twenty minutes a day or attend a weekly class and reap those benefits. Many are not aware that there are deeper levels in the Tai Chi art that can take them to the Promised Land of the ” health of a lumberjack, flexibility of a child, and peace of mind of a sage.”

In these modern times, Tai Chi Books, videos, classes and workshops are easily available. As Tai Chi becomes popular and teachers are in demand, short training courses churn out poorly qualified instructors. Predictably, much of the depth of the true Tai Chi art is lost.

It is in times like this that the Australian Academy of Tai Chi shines like a beacon in maintaining a high standard of instructors who undergo traditional training methods of traineeship, regular inspection and official grading. We are fortunate to have Grandmaster Khor who personally oversees the training of Academy instructors as well as keeping up with the latest medical research from around the world. AATC instructors are comprehensively trained over many years and are coached in the art of teaching so that they can pass the skills to their students.

Also included:

WUDANG – CHINA TOUR 24th Sept – 8th Oct 2011

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