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Apr 19, 2014   //   General Updates

The exercises on these DVDs are part of the Daoist; Yang Sheng Dao the ancient way of cultivating good health. Each exercise works on a particular aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine, stretching the meridians and massaging the the internal organs.

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Wudang Sword Set – Aaron Khor

Aaron Khor presents this famous routine. From ancient times, Wu Dang is known to be associated with the sword. It is the king of all weapons, an internal art demanding unparalleled skill. It uses quick rounded movements in borrowing the opponent’s power. There is a complete demonstration then all movements are explained in detail so that you can follow and learn.
Wudang Sword DVD cover

Wudang Horse Tail Wisk – Aaron Khor

Aaron Khor presents another routine from ancient times, The horse tail whisk is a unique weapon, often carried by the masters of students. The weapon involves soft and quick movements, using the body to project the strength from the legs, up through to the waist and out into the shoulder. . There is a complete demonstration then all movements are explained in detail so that you can follow and learn. .
Horse Tail Wisk DVD cover

Eight Golden Treasures – Ba Duan Jin –

Grandmaster Gary Khor and Aaron Khor present this famous Qigong set. There is a complete demonstration by Aaron and a informative commentary by Grandmaster Khor. Then all eight exercises are explained in detail so that you can easily follow and learn.
8 Treasures DVD cover


Wudang Five Animals – Wu Xin

This DVD program has; Qigong warmups exercises, the Five Animals exercises and a Qigong Massage to finish it all off. Featuring Master Rod Ferguson’s easy going style of teaching making these arts easy and accessible to anybody wanting to cultivate health and wellbeing. The Tortoise, Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon & Snake represent the five elements; water, fire, metal, wood and earth, a fascinating frolic.
5 Animal DVD cover

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