AATC Qld NEWSLETTER – October 2019

It feels like Summer has arrived early here in SE Queensland! Make sure you bring a hat, sunglasses and water with you when you are attending our park Tai Chi & Qigong sessions – very important to stay hydrated.

Our new term of classes – Academy evening classes and Active & Healthy and GOLD park sessions – is starting soon. Please check at http://www.livingchi.com.au/tai-chi-classes-2 for latest session times, costs and other events etc.

If you haven’t already booked to join us on our Queensland (Brisbane departure on April 11th) AATC China Tour at Easter next year – make sure you get your deposit in soon. We will be visiting many of the ‘Big Ticket’ places on this tour – the Great Wall (Beijing), the Terracotta Warriors (Xian), Westlake (Huangzhou), Yellow Mountain (Huangshan), the location of the “Tao Yin” scrolls (Changsha) etc etc. We like to get up early and see the locals practise, where possible or just do our own. There are usually opportunities to train with local masters and do some training with Grandmaster Khor. Travel with friends, enjoy great meals together, travel on the amazing fast trains, what are you waiting for? Click here for details

Our 43rd Annual Queensland Seminar with Grandmaster Gary Khor and Senior Master Rod Ferguson at New Farm, held early in September, was very well attended, and enjoyed by the participants. Our theme for this year was “Good Vibes – Energy Medicine”, and the program for the weekend included: – Qigong Sound Vibration, Qi Meridian Cleansing, Chinese Health, Nutrition & Acupressure, Tai Chi for Health & Self Defence, and Tai Chi & Qigong Core Skills. It was a very inspiring weekend of learning, and I would recommend that those who attended to experience the various health-giving arts of the Academy should continue to practice regularly and USE these new (or enhanced) skills in their daily health exercises. Read Grandmaster Khor’s spring-newsletter click here

If you are looking for a road trip, why not join us in Bundaberg for our Annual Wide Bay weekend workshop & park lesson. This year, the event will be held on Saturday Oct 19th for the workshop and Sunday Oct 20th for the park lesson. Click here for details

When you are learning and/or practising Tai Chi Qigong – or in life in general – do you sometimes find yourself being anxious? Feeling not quite good enough? Or distressed at the hard time you are giving yourself? Well these are signs that you need to be more mindful, compassionate and kind to yourself. Since doing Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) training we have been emphasising these principles in our approach to teaching and practising. By taking a little bit more time to practise feeling and being present when doing your own practise people are saying they are getting better and more benefits rather than worrying about how well they doing the exercises. This leads to more motivation to practise and thus get the rewards of that practice. Click here to read more about this

I also had the opportunity to lead Doctors Adrian Wan, Steven Hickman and the class through our Academy’s Lotus Qigong watch it here: click here to watch

Also while in Hong Kong I again got the opportunity to perform with the local traditional masters at Kung Fu Corner in Kowloon Park, you can see some highlights here click here

After the success at the annual Seminars, we are planning a Mindfulness and Sound Vibration Immersion evening in Brisbane for Friday 22nd November. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

For all events and information, regularly check the website www.LivingChi.com.au and


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