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Jul 4, 2013   //   Special Events

After the exhilarating experience of last year’s seminars and workshops with Taoist Master Zhou, many have been waiting for his return this year. Everyone who attended was touched by his humility and friendliness as well as his silent power as he glided across the stage, demonstrating and revealing Taoist secrets of Health and Longevity. His tranquil expressions of Tai Chi and Qigong epitomise all that you have read and visualised in books about the Taoists’ serenity, softness, flow and hidden power of inner strength!

Wshop1This year’s workshops and seminars feature the age-old Taoist skills of Wudang Ba Gua (8-Trigram Palms) and Wudang Ba Duan Jin (Taoist Eight Precious Qigong), plus Taoist Meditation, Temple Tai Chi and Wudang Five Animals Qigong. Grandmaster Khor will again assist with expert interpretation and translation as well as illustrating with modern scientific logic and information.

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