Grandmaster Gary Khor New Zealand Workshop

Nov 12, 2010   //   Special Events

November 2010.

An incredible opportunity to get up close to one of the world’s best! Grandmaster Gary Khor’s weekend workshop.

* Tai Chi principles – refinement movements to improve your techniques in exercise and breathing.

* Shibashi Qigong – healing with QI. activates flow of chi along meridians, focus the mind in meditation, harmonise physical and emotional balance. Application for Falls Prevention, Diabetes, Arthritis.

* Push hands – chi, essence & spirit, provides essence and base for internal and external martial arts, understand the deeper meanings of Tai Chi. Application for enhancing Sensitivity and Awareness.

* Tao Yin – a series of breathing & stretching movements to cultivate internal energy. Stimulates energies in particular meridians. Benefits include improved blood circulation and Stress Control.

* Lotus – a relaxation and body toning exercise which has the capacity to benefit all of the body and mind functions. Benefits include gentle body toning and body –mind relaxation.

Download the PDF and full details… GaryKhorNewZealandWorkshop.


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