FAREWELL TO KEVIN BEE (13/7/1931- 15/8/2023)

Aug 20, 2023   //   Blog, General Updates

It is with sadness that we farewell a most inspirational instructor. Kevin was a nonagenarian who practiced what he preached in his love for Tai Chi & Qigong.

Kevin only took up Tai Chi at 74 years of age, after suffering from some considerable health issues. He always accredited Tai Chi for helping him overcome breathing issues, and claimed that doctors had said that it was his regular Tai Chi that saved his life at times. He also shared the observation that Tai Chi successfully addressed and removed (or improved) the two biggest issues of ageing – loss of mobility and social isolation.

On a daily basis, Kevin worked diligently on improving his own health, wellbeing and flexibility, maintaining his ability to sit in a deep squat and return to standing again with ease – no mean feat for a young person, let alone a 90+ year old.

Kevin continued to live independently, and inspire thousands of students by teaching four Tai Chi & Qigong classes weekly until just a few months ago, and still attended classes as a participant until very recently.

Thank you, Kevin, for your enthusiastic inspiration during a life well-lived, and for sharing your love of Tai Chi as your ‘fountain of youth’!


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