Daoist Master Zhou Australian Tour 2013

MASTER Zhao has spent years getting in touch with his spiritual side and during his tour he was helping our students to do the same.

The Chinese tai chi expert is traveling around Australia to run workshops on the traditional martial art practice lauded for its health benefits.

Growing up in the Wudang mountains in China, Master Zhao learnt from the ancient wisdom of Daoist sages.

After traveling the country and becoming a national champion in martial arts, he retreated back to the mountains in later life to develop his “internal energy skills”.

Master Zhao said he is hoping his experience can help people connect their mind and body and get in sync with their natural environment.

“I really enjoy doing the workshops and I have enjoyed the friendliness of the people here.”

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Newcastle Wshop 2013
Zhou GC Sun
Daoist Temple Tai Chi
Wudang Golden Snake Tortoise gift from Taoist Master Zhou RF1
BaGua Orbit
PHOTOS - SEMINAR 2013 (236)
PHOTOS - SEMINAR 2013 (70)
PHOTOS - SEMINAR 2013 (56)
Master Zhou New Farm Park
Wollongong Wshop 15Sept2013
Brisbane 2013
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Two Masters in Action


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