Colour Code Page


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Top Dark BLUE #075070
BOX BLUE #2c6288
Mid BLUE #5296b7
light BLUE #b1c8d7
pale BLUE #c9e0eb
Deep BLUE #0b367f
Bright BLUE #0612c1
Royal BLUE #3366ff
Sky BLUE #00bfff
Pale Sky BLUE #b9edff
Red RED #ff0009
YELLOW #e9de03

{span style=”color: #??????;”> t e x t {/span> (replace { with <) [hr] [highlight]Our motto “Enjoy Peaceful Tranquility as You Exercise, Mind, Body & Breath”[/highlight] {highlight]

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Tai Chi and Qigong has been known to cause increased energy levels, health and happiness.

Discover how to make Tai Chi and Qigong part of your daily life now!

Make it happen, Living Chi is for Everyone!

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If you are already enrolled remember to play some daily for best results.