China Tour April 2013

Another adventure we will not forget!

Xian locals999 Steps to Heavens Gate lores

Group practise  Chengdu 1Group practise Chongching 1

Holding the leg ZhangJiaJie
Margaret and Frank Chengdu loresMaster Rod Prices Slope Wudang
Untombed Warrior
Wudang Golden Snake Tortoise gift from Taoist Master Zhou RF1
Wudang Tortise Tablet Temple
China April 2013-we made it to the Heavenly Gate up 999 steps!!!
China Apr 2013 - Chinglish was so wonderful
China Apr 2013 -$300 donation to research centre was worth it to experience Panda paradise-Oriel is 7mths & 30kg
China Apr 2013 233
China Apr 2013
China April 2013- Baofeng Lake Zhangjiajie
China April 2013--Tianmen Mountain
Wudang Zhou
China tour April 2013 123-1
China tour April 2013 148-1
China tour April 2013 198-1
China tour April 2013 447-1
China tour April 2013 744-1
China tour April 2013 783-1


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