China April 2015

Highlights of our ‘Tai Chi and Cultural Tour’

Kongtong Masters extolled the obvious internal skills of Academy Instructors and students! Grandmaster Khor received very high praise from experienced Chinese Tai Chi Masters – they noticed the high level of internal skills displayed during our demonstrations and training sessions.

Organised training on the tour included:-
Chinese Champion and chief trainer at Chen Family Training Centre at Chenjiagou
Yi Jin Jing with Senior Monk & Chief Trainer at Shaolin Temple
Daoist Master Wang Jun & Grandmaster Zhu Ren-De at Kongtong
Master Zhang (14th Generation Master of ‘Crouching Tiger’ & Lohan) at Emei Shan


We were blessed with beautiful weather and clear skies as we travelled through cities, agricultural areas and scenic locations across a wide part of the country. We were welcomed as celebrities during our stay at Kongtong, with press photographers and media interviews. The Mayor of Pingliang (Kongtong area) ~ Li Zheng-Fa ~ hosted us at a magnificent banquet to celebrate our tour visiting this remote part of China.


Our comfortable stays in top hotels included a ‘Top Health Resort and Healing Place’ at Mt Emei, a peaceful lakeside hotel resort at Pingliang, a quaint wooden hotel high on the rice terraces at Longji, and huge 5-star hotels in Beijing and Chengdu. The lunch and dinner banquets were feasts for the eyes, nose and tastebuds. The top favourites included the Peking Duck banquet, the vegetarian feast prepared by the nuns at Shaolin, the Mayor’s banquet in Pingliang and the dessert spectacular at the ‘Big Pear’ in Dengfeng.

As well as the formal training, we trained with Grandmaster Khor, Master Rod & Aaron Khor in many locations ~ on the Great Wall, in the parks with the locals, at roadside stops, on mountain tops, our hotels, and in temples.

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