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More Seasonal Focus for Health Maintenance

Sep 30, 2016   //   Uncategorized

A seasonal focus for health is a flexible model, not a dogmatic prescription. It is not meant to mimic what our ancestors went through, seasonal variation is more related toRead More

A Seasonal Focus for Health Maintenance

Jun 21, 2016   //   Uncategorized

A seasonal focus for health maintenance exercises is a very important example of being aware of ourselves and our surroundings (environment). For the winter it’s recommended to work on kidneysRead More

A warm invitation to our 39th Annual Seminar. “Energy Medicine & Qigong Immunology”

Sep 3, 2015   //   Uncategorized

Grandmaster Gary Khor Our body is not just designed to move, it needs to move. Proper movement is as critical to our health as good light, clean air, and nourishingRead More

Feng Shui

Jul 6, 2015   //   Uncategorized

Gary Khor has practiced Feng Shui for more than 35 years. Brought up in a traditional Chinese family, his skills were horned from a very young age. He is theRead More


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