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Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit?

Jul 4, 2021   //   Articles, In the Media

Tai Chi v Zumba: Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit? Mike Duffy BBC Science Unit with Michael Mosley and the ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’Read More


Sunrise Tai Chi on Top of Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi made history by performing Tai Chi & Qigong on the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. At the break of dawn, Grandmaster Gary andRead More

Real Estate Institute features Grandmaster

Sep 15, 2015   //   Articles, In the Media

“A good environment equals good energy, abundance and health. If your mind and body function well then you will be successful, happy and at peace.” Good Feng Shui is asRead More

Griffith University: Tai Chi can make you feel better physically and mentally

Jan 6, 2015   //   General Updates, In the Media

It may not be high impact or get you huffing and puffing but the gentle art of Tai Chi can reduce obesity according to a recent study. Burleigh Heads –Read More

Inala Tai Chi a Testimony to Health

May 5, 2013   //   Articles, In the Media

ON A Wednesday, in the crisp mid-morning sunlight of spring, a group of people move slowly and gracefully though tai chi routines. Breathing in and out deeply, their arms liftRead More

Applied Tai Chi Charleville

Mar 8, 2012   //   In the Media

Read about the success of the “Applied Tai Chi Train the Trainer Program” for Queensland South West was covered by the local media, click to see a larger image.

Tai Chi Workshop in the Media

Dec 3, 2010   //   In the Media

Our recent workshops in New Zealand Proved Popular in the paper as well! Tai chi grand master Gary Khor was raised in a traditional Chinese family, and still recalls hisRead More

Newcastle Service Award

Nov 30, 2010   //   In the Media

Barbara Taylor has made a huge but quiet contribution over many years to the health and wellbeing of the community of Newcastle. Specifically she has achieved this by volunteering largeRead More

The Tiger and Tai Chi

Nov 11, 2010   //   General Updates, In the Media

As cool photos go – this one is up there… Tiger Woods & Lee Westwood  tai chi sword in Shanghai.

Grandmaster Khor Article

Aug 2, 2010   //   In the Media

Grandmaster Khor National Newspaper Article


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