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WINTER WARMING – it’s more beneficial to exercise than to hibernate!

May 6, 2023   //   Articles, Blog, General Updates

Ice doesn’t stop these ladies in Harbin, China. – Winter is almost here, and the mornings are getting colder ~ when it’s colder, for many people, it’s harder to stayRead More

Tai Chi and Qigong Helps Immune System

Nov 2, 2022   //   Articles, Uncategorized

Emerging Australian and international evidence published by MDPI in June 2020 indicates that practising Tai Chi Qigong has positive impacts on immune system functioning and inflammatory responses. The Effects ofRead More

Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit?

Jul 4, 2021   //   Articles, In the Media

Tai Chi v Zumba: Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit? Mike Duffy BBC Science Unit with Michael Mosley and the ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’Read More

Applied Mindfulness

Feb 1, 2019   //   Articles, Blog

In Hong Kong it was an honour and privilege to meet Adrian Wan PHD and learn about his work on Self Compassion and Mindfulness. It was most enlightening to hearRead More

Healing Power of Qi

“Qigong” or energy skill has been an integral part of Chinese culture since ancient times. Qi is cultivated for personal health, healing, and martial art power. It involves the studyRead More

Applied Tai Chi Qigong and ‘the most important thing’

Jan 27, 2017   //   Articles, Blog

Stillness gives you an opportunity detect tension in your body, to mindfully fine tune your alignment, and strengthen the body for efficient movement. From a physical and a neurological perspective it has to do with learning how to engage the most powerful internal parts of our body. Click the Heading above to READ MORE

Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rooster

Jan 27, 2017   //   Articles, Blog

Good health, Longlife, Prosperity and Good Luck are virtues to wish upon people for the Chinese new year. New year is also a good time to start or recommit to a healthy lifestyle. Click the Heading above to READ MORE

THE FACTS OF TAI CHI – Grandmaster Gary Khor

Apr 5, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

For students of Tai Chi, the most important thing about this ancient Chinese health exercise Art – which has excited the interest of medical professionals and physical educators – isRead More

Welcome to the Australian Academy of Tai Chi

Jan 1, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

Our motto is “Enjoy Peaceful Tranquility as You Exercise, Mind, Body & Breath” Since 1976, we have been fortunate to help over 200,000 people learn Tai Chi through the AustralianRead More

Real Estate Institute features Grandmaster

Sep 15, 2015   //   Articles, In the Media

“A good environment equals good energy, abundance and health. If your mind and body function well then you will be successful, happy and at peace.” Good Feng Shui is asRead More


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