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Griffith University: Tai Chi can make you feel better physically and mentally

Jan 6, 2015   //   General Updates, In the Media

It may not be high impact or get you huffing and puffing but the gentle art of Tai Chi can reduce obesity according to a recent study. Burleigh Heads –Read More

Living Chi – Award from China

Jan 3, 2015   //   General Updates

‘Learn to enjoy peaceful tranquility as you exercise to improve the joy of living’ – GMK-1976 Grandmaster Gary Khor has been recognized for the quality of his Australian Academy’s curriculumRead More


Sep 27, 2014   //   General Updates, Special Events, Training

Our 38th Annual Seminar. Below are some of the comments from people who attended, they summarise the enjoyment and great benefits of good practice. “The seminars I attended in previousRead More

New Skills at Seminars

Jul 21, 2014   //   General Updates, Special Events, Training

Power & Mysteries of Tai Chi & Qigong. Grandmaster Khor – We often read about the great healing power and super martial art skills of ancient masters. Access to suchRead More

New DVDs

Apr 19, 2014   //   General Updates

  The exercises on these DVDs are part of the Daoist; Yang Sheng Dao the ancient way of cultivating good health. Each exercise works on a particular aspect of TraditionalRead More

Inspiration !

Jan 20, 2014   //   General Updates

Wishes are easy to yearn for, but Inspiration is difficult to find. Hope ends when you stop dreaming, Life ends when you stop believing. Love ends when you stop caring,Read More

Ba Gua and Wudang Eight Golden Treasure workshop – Aaron Khor

Nov 17, 2013   //   General Updates

Aaron Khor led his first workshop in Sydney, confident in his presentation together with thorough knowledge of the subject, Aaron came through with flying colours. Showing confidence in Aaron’s ability,Read More

Taoist life nurturing Wudang Tai Chi ‘Yang Sheng’

Aug 2, 2013   //   General Updates, Special Events

Yang Sheng literally means to ‘nurture life’. It’s a two thousand year old body of traditional Chinese medicine Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophers saw the human being as the product ofRead More

Authentic Training in China

Jun 21, 2013   //   General Updates

Chinese media turned up to welcome the Academy students to Wudang Shan home of the Wulong (5 Dragons) Academy. Taoist Master Zhou Jin-bo assisted by the expert translation by AATCRead More

Now is the Time to Enjoy Tai Chi and Qigong

Apr 19, 2013   //   Classes Updates, General Updates

JOIN A CLASS – NOW! Take positive action to ensure your long-term health and well-being! It is up to each one of us to look after our own well-being, andRead More


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