Bruce Lee Falls ?

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Falls Prevention: BRUCE LEE TO THE RESCUE!!!

In his words: “Martial art is like the nuclear science of movement. It involves balance while moving, and simultaneously determining where to block or strike at an opponent and then deliver a powerful enough force with precise body parts coordination. It is a very complex manoeuvre which required repetition after repetitions of training until the body parts react almost automatically”.

Dynamic Equilibrium
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Who would have thought that Bruce Lee’s Speed & Power skills is providing the answer to solve the looming catastrophe of the ageing baby boomers?

At the 7th Biennial ANZ Falls Prevention Conference in Melbourne, Australia’s leading Tai Chi master Gary Khor who in 1976 introduce Tai Chi to Australia will present his 40 years of research to 600 medical specialists.

Grandmaster Gary Khor has practiced for more than 50 years. In his younger days, he trained in the harder form of martial arts popularised by Bruce Lee and the Shaolin monks, and later Wushu martial arts as popularized by Jet Li and Keanu Reeves in the movie Matrix. In recent years, he underwent 2 knee replacements and a shoulder replacement.

His presentation to the conference is based on the findings and recommendation of three concurrent researches.

1. His own experience as a patient using Taj Chi to prepare for the operation and then recover from the operation. This included almost total immobility while confined to lying in bed straight after the operation to intensive rehabilitation when learning to walk again.

2. Mid way through his own rehabilitation, he was engaged by the hospital to train two of their physiotherapists on “Tai Chi for Falls Prevention & Post-Operative Rehabilitation”

3. He ran a seven days Tai Chi program for 40 post-operative joints replacement patients at Sydney Private Hospital as part of their Post Operation Rehab program as required by their Health Insurance.

Back in 2000 Gary was an advisor to the Australian First Falls Prevention Research program conducted at Prince Alfred Hospital. He devised a Tai Chi Falls Prevention program which was tested over 3 years in various Tai Chi branches throughout NSW.

Gary is also the founder & president of the Australian Academy of Tai Chi. He is an international Tai Chi judge, (Olympic level), qualified by China’s Wushu Martial Arts Federation, and recognized by the Shaolin Temple. he was also a lecturer at Australia’s First Fitness Leaders Training Course conducted by the Australian Council of Physical Education and Recreation. He has authored 25 books.

Reactive Postural Control – Ankle – Hip – Step: Walk on with CONFIDENCE

Examples of our Applied Tai Chi for Balance & Stability programs in action:

TRAINERS COURSE “Applied Tai Chi” for Fall Prevention and Rehab. 25-26 February 2017 Sydney with Grandmaster Khor phone 02 9797 9366 or >> Click here for details
TRAINERS COURSE “Applied Tai Chi” for healthier aging incorporating; Chronic Disease Management and Fall Prevention. 25-26 March 2017 Brisbane with Master Rod >> Click here for details




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