Brisbane 2010 Annual Seminar

Sep 27, 2010   //   Special Events

Secret arts and energy skills of the Shaolin (Buddhist) and Wudang Mountain (Taoist) monks.

Two World Renowned Masters

Grandmaster Gary Khor will show you how to develop your “Chi” energy, improve Tai Chi & Qigong skills, learn Traditional Chinese health practice & living skills. Techniques include ways to help you keep flexible, energetic, optimistic and vital throughout all stages of your life.
Master Rod Ferguson presents “Distilling the Essence” of Tai Chi and Qigong, drawing on the three major influences; The Chinese Traditional Health System; Chinese Martial Art – science of body awareness and movement; Culture – The philosophy behind Traditional Chinese thought and lifestyle.

“Zen” totally present – “Tao” completely natural – “Wu Wei” action through non-action. For hundreds of years Westerners have been puzzled at seeing Chinese doing this effortless, rhythmical, ballet like exercise both at dawn and at dusk. The Chinese says “whoever practices Tai Chi, correctly and regularly, twice a day over a period of time will gain the pliability of a child, the health of a lumber-jack, and the peace of mind of a sage”. Western medical research is now confirming that Tai Chi can indeed treat and heal many illnesses that western medicine is unable to. At the forefront are: Stress Control, Falls Prevention, Arthritis, Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Tuberculosis etc. , with more being added progressively. (Grandmaster Khor and Master Rod Ferguson will be presenting such techniques at the Geriatric Conference and The Australian and New Zealand Conference on Falls Prevention at the Otago University in November this year.)

A sample of the things you will experience.

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TAOIST QIGONG How To Cultivate Chi Energy?

First learn to let go and give yourself totally over to relaxation. That means you throw every bone and muscle of the body wide open so that the chi may travel unobstructed. Once this is done, the chest must be further relaxed and the chi made to sink to the navel. Then concentrate on the Chi and softness in your navel (Tan Tien). After a time the chi will be felt in the navel, from where it will begin to circulate throughout the body. Later, you will be able to direct the chi instantaneously to any part of your body by means of your mind.


A touch here, a shift there, a twist with your waist, and the attacker is sent tumbling to the floor.  Neither strength nor violence required!   Such skills are normally only possessed by highly trained masters.

So, can mere mortals learn and master such skill? Yes you can!

Grandmaster Khor has designed a Tai Chi Self Protection program to enable you to defend yourself against aggressors. You need not be victimised by bullies or be afraid of having your bags snatched anymore.

You can defend yourself and you do not need big muscles to do it.

Master Class Workshop – Pole – Grandmaster Khor & Master Rod

The Shoulder Pole is considered to be the father of all weapons. The stick was one of the first utensils to poke, prod or dig and was also used as an implement for carrying loads but could also used as a weapon of defence.  The pole is also a practical apparatus for exercise, very good for upper back and good posture.

The session will be in two parts:-

History, principles and technique. Detailed refinement of selected movements.You haven’t done the Pole? Come along and watch or try out some movements for yourself, all levels welcome. Stay for Chinese tea and snacks, and renew old friendships or make some new ones!


Tai Chi and Qigong has been known to cause increased energy levels, health and happiness.

Discover how to make Tai Chi and Qigong part of your daily life now!

Make it happen, Living Chi is for Everyone!

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