Sunrise Tai Chi on Top of Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi made history by performing Tai Chi & Qigong on the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. At the break of dawn, Grandmaster Gary andRead More

R.I.P. Jane Scragg

Feb 10, 2017   //   General Updates

Sadly there is one less wonderful person out there teaching Tai Chi and Qigong. Jane was much more than just an ordinary instructor of exercise she exuded the essence ofRead More

Applied Tai Chi Qigong and ‘the most important thing’

Jan 27, 2017   //   Articles, Blog

Stillness gives you an opportunity detect tension in your body, to mindfully fine tune your alignment, and strengthen the body for efficient movement. From a physical and a neurological perspective it has to do with learning how to engage the most powerful internal parts of our body. Click the Heading above to READ MORE

Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rooster

Jan 27, 2017   //   Articles, Blog

Good health, Longlife, Prosperity and Good Luck are virtues to wish upon people for the Chinese new year. New year is also a good time to start or recommit to a healthy lifestyle. Click the Heading above to READ MORE

Bruce Lee Falls ?

Nov 26, 2016   //   Uncategorized

Falls Prevention: BRUCE LEE TO THE RESCUE!!! In his words: “Martial art is like the nuclear science of movement. It involves balance while moving, and simultaneously determining where to blockRead More

More Seasonal Focus for Health Maintenance

Sep 30, 2016   //   Uncategorized

A seasonal focus for health is a flexible model, not a dogmatic prescription. It is not meant to mimic what our ancestors went through, seasonal variation is more related toRead More

A Seasonal Focus for Health Maintenance

Jun 21, 2016   //   Uncategorized

A seasonal focus for health maintenance exercises is a very important example of being aware of ourselves and our surroundings (environment). For the winter it’s recommended to work on kidneysRead More

Tai Chi and Five Animals Qigong

Apr 26, 2016   //   Blog, Special Events

Master Rod Ferguson – Woodford Folk Festival – FOR ALL AGES – Although this blog was written for the Out of the Box Children’s Festival the information below and theRead More

THE FACTS OF TAI CHI – Grandmaster Gary Khor

Apr 5, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

For students of Tai Chi, the most important thing about this ancient Chinese health exercise Art – which has excited the interest of medical professionals and physical educators – isRead More

Welcome to the Australian Academy of Tai Chi

Jan 1, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

Our motto is “Enjoy Peaceful Tranquility as You Exercise, Mind, Body & Breath” Since 1976, we have been fortunate to help over 200,000 people learn Tai Chi through the AustralianRead More


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