Tai Chi Queensland Newsletter 1 2019

Happy New Year!

And: Health, Longevity, Prosperity & Good Luck – Happy Lunar New Year, Chinese year 4717 the yin earth Pig
JAN 28th– 4th Little/pre New Year – Preparations for the new year begin on January 28th, 2019, and last until New Years Eve.8 DAYS
FEB 5th–15th Spring Festival – Chinese New Year officially begins on February 5th, 2019, and ends on February 19th. 11 DAYS
FEB 16th–19th Lantern Festival – Preparations begin the 16th, and the Lantern Festival is held on February 19th. 4 DAYS

In Brisbane, we will be doing a 20min demonstration for the Chinatown Mall Lunar New Year Celebration 10th February 1.35-1.55pm. If you are interested we need instructors and students to participate, please let me know if you can or you can just come to watch. >>>Click here for the program

In Sydney, Grandmaster Khor and Master Aaron are performing and doing a lesson at the Opera House at the top of the Monumental Steps >>>Click here for details

Mindful Self Compassion – This idea meshes perfectly with Applied Tai Chi ‘Distilling the Essence’. Tai Chi done just as a choreography will have benefits – just like a dance or movement exercise therapy. However, we can benefit, in so many more ways by including mindfulness in our practice of Tai Chi and Qigong, I consider it intrinsic to the art. The mindful awareness of ourselves, our surroundings, our fellow students, our breathing, our mental focus – these can all contribute to a much deeper feeling of calmness and balance. After all, isn’t that WHY we play Tai Chi? So go ahead ‘make a date’ with yourself, you’re worth it. Take some time to nurture and recharge, remember to thank yourself when you enjoy it. I’m your teacher for one hour a week but you’re training yourself for 167 hours. To read more about mindfulness at the University of Hong Kong >>>Click here
For motivation to read my post about the inner-world of practise >>>Click here

We are doing 40 Hours of Tai Chi and Qigong to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease research as a part of the upcoming 40 hour Jammin. “From May17th to 19th for over 40 hours Magnetic Island will resonate with a vast selection of musicians and artists from the region and around Australia. Venues will range from restaurants to outdoor stages, jettys, beaches, nite clubs and cafes. As well as sunrises and sunsets there’ll be a full moon as well. A mixture of ticketed and free events will mean anyone can attend. A range of accommodation options from camping to 5 star hotels to back backer bungalows or holiday rentals. As we’re a not for profit music event we rely heavily on a number of funding sources, one of which will be the general public. By attending the event and or supporting the businesses you’ll be contributing to the overall budget for the 40 hour Jammin. In conjunction with this approach we will also be fund-raising for the Motor Neurone Disease and Me foundation where the goal is to raise $40 000. we are currently at $28 000.” Shenton Gregory – More about the event here >>>Click here

The morning Tai Chi and Qigong sessions at Woodford Folk Festival 2018/2019 were a great success with a total of about 1,000 attending over the four days. We had beautiful morning weather with enthusiastic festival attendees enjoying the sessions on the newly-landscaped grassy Village Green. This year’s sessions were based on separate daily themes of ‘Li’ Body, ‘Yi’ Mind, ‘Chi’ Energy and ‘Shen’ Spirit; each day building on the previous and adding new concepts and exercises. Feedback was very positive, with quite a few comments that these sessions were the highlights of the festival.>>>Click here

A quick trip to Hong Kong was most enlightening, from the Tai Chi and Qigong in the parks, to university research. Read the summation >>>Click here

2019 Term Dates — February 4 to April 12 — April 29 to July 5 — July 15 to September 20 — October 7 to December 13

Our 2019 Annual Seminar will be 6-8th September at the Holy Spirit Hall New Farm; featuring Grandmaster Khor and the Six Healing Sounds and much, much more. Check the dates now. More details as they come to hand.

Students Fees: After much deliberation and several years delaying, I have decided that the student fees must now increase, as many classes are barely breaking even. Overheads have increased dramatically since our last fee increase in July 2000. (NSW fees are now $130). Our new fees are still very competitive with the current market. We also realise that it is because of the enthusiasm that instructors contribute that makes the classes exceptional value for money! We hope that you understand the need to do this.

* Beginners can try one lesson for $12
* Casual lessons $15 each ($12 conc.)
Tuition Fees 10 weeks Prepaid # Full
Standard Fee $115 $119
Concession $105 $109
Child 16 & under $85 $89

Multiple lesson course $22 extra

Block of classes (minimum of 5 classes) $12 / $11 conc per class

** Council Active and Healthy and private session prices will remain the same for now.

We need enthusiastic students to train as group leaders – to assist in Academy classes or to fill in at Active & Healthy Park sessions if instructors are not available for a session. Training will be provided in return for your participation, on the first Saturday of each month. You don’t have to commit to conducting classes on a regular basis, just be available to fill in when required. Or would you just like to help out in some way? It is when you start to share your love of the art with others that you truly begin to understand and learn about your own movements. Speak to your instructor or contact me directly ozchi@ozemail.com.au for more details.

There will be a ‘Train the Trainer’ weekend seminar in Brisbane, aimed specifically for Allied Health Workers in Aged Care but it is also excellent for anyone interested in healthy ageing. Including instructors or prospective instructors. This course “Applied Tai Chi – for Healthy Aging” will incorporate Tai Chi exercises for assistance in Chronic Disease Management, Falls Prevention and exercises for those less mobility. >>>Click here

Best regards,
Master Rod Ferguson


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