Tai Chi Falls Prevention Radio Story

Jun 24, 2010   //   In the Media

Tai Chi keeps you Balanced

21 August 2009 , 6:28 AM by Anne O’Keeffe 612 ABC RADIO Brisbane

Have you found that it’s not as easy these days to maintain your balance? Do you have to sit down to pull on your trousers or put socks on?

You’re not alone… it’s an inevitable part of the aging process. But unfortunately, falling is becoming a very common cause of injury with figures showing that for over 65’s there are two hospitalisations an hour in this State.

The “Qld Stay On Your Feet” project is trialling Tai Chi as a preventative measure… 612 Breakfast Reporter Anne O’Keeffe joined in a demonstration class at the Stafford Shopping Centre. Contact Brisbane City Council for more information on classes in your area.

Link to audio file >> Falls Prevention Radio Story


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