November National Tai Chi Newsletter

Nov 12, 2010   //   General Updates

Tao of Living Chi & Energy Medicine.

The basic levels of Tai Chi are so effective at improving health and well-being that many practitioners are not tempted to go beyond studying it as a slow, relaxed exercise. They happily do their twenty minutes a day or attend a weekly class and reap those benefits. They are not concerned that the basic level probably won’t take them to the Promised Land or give them the “strength of a lumberjack, the pliability of a child, or the wisdom of a sage.”

In these modern times, Tai Chi Books, videos, seminars, workshops, and demonstrations are easily available. As Tai Chi becomes popular, teachers are in demand, and short training courses churn out poorly qualified instructors. Predictably, much of the depth of the true Tai Chi art is lost. As it is, even in normal times, sorting out the ever-growing body of Tai Chi information available is difficult. It often seems contradictory and confusing, with cultural and philosophical assumptions that seem counterintuitive to those ingrained with Western culture. More…

53 happily relaxed participants walked with inspired enthusiasm after another scintillating seminar presented by Grandmaster Khor and Master Rod Ferguson.

WUDANG – CHINA TOUR 24th Sep – 8th Oct 2011 (Updated)

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