Master Rod Ferguson in Bundaberg

Jul 29, 2010   //   Special Events

Saturday 27th June – Community Centre, Club Ave. Moore Park Beach 10am-12.00pm Wildgoose & Lohan Qigong $39

Traditional Qigong exercises to energise and boost your immune system as well. This session is mainly for those that have learned some of these Qigong sets but if you’re keen and curious to what Qigong is all about then come and check it out, it would be a great introduction and will change the way in which you practice your Tai Chi adding another dimension.

1.00pm-3.30pm Distilling the Essence for Practical Use $49

‘World Tai Chi Symposium’ Nashville USA – topic preview

“Tai Chi is a health art that combines Chinese Martial Arts with Traditional Chinese Medicine and with the Philosophy and Culture from China’s long and diverse history”.

In July Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee will host the world’s foremost authorities on the five traditional Chinese Family Schools of Tai Chi, as well as other top level Tai Chi practitioners and well-respected scholars carefully selected for their unique and highly professional level of expertise. These experts will come together for the inaugural international symposium. The focus is on bringing together the wisdom of Chinese culture with the precision of modern science through evidence-based academic sessions and successful teaching models.

Come and support Rod’s fundraising and preview his Symposium presentation in this workshop. Rod will review the basic principles that underlie the traditional arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. This will be an excellent introduction for beginners and a checkup for those more advanced.

Tai Chi without focus on the key points is just a slow exercise, to unlock the mysteries for yourself you need to know the keys to perfect practice.

This workshop is about having fun playing Tai Chi yet sticking to the essential traditional principles that have guided practitioners for centuries. You will learn how to feel and mobilise the energy (chi) of the basic postures.

Included will be information about the International Symposium and how Rod hopes to improve the presence of Tai Chi and Qigong here with the new knowledge gained there.

The movements taught are very adaptable and Rod will adjust them to suit your level!

$10 off if doing both! Only $78

Sunday 28th June – Nielson’s Park, The Esplanade, Bargara

9-10.30am Tai Chi and Qigong in the Park $5 – Open to all a group practise of Tai Chi and Qigong suitable for beginners as well. There will also be some demonstrations by Rod, spectacular and inspirational an opportunity not to be missed.

Contact Alena for bookings & more details or 4154 8677


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