THE FACTS OF TAI CHI – Grandmaster Gary Khor

Apr 5, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

For students of Tai Chi, the most important thing about this ancient Chinese health exercise Art – which has excited the interest of medical professionals and physical educators – isRead More


Welcome to the Australian Academy of Tai Chi

Jan 1, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

Our motto “Enjoy Peaceful Tranquility as You Exercise, Mind, Body & Breath” Since 1976, we have been fortunate to help over 200,000 people learn Tai Chi through the Australian AcademyRead More


continuous harmonious flow

Dec 19, 2015   //   Blog

Continuity – Continuity is one of Tai Chi’s principles of practice that attracts many people – it makes us feel so good that many adopt the language of joy inRead More


Real Estate Institute features Grandmaster

Sep 15, 2015   //   Articles, In the Media

“A good environment equals good energy, abundance and health. If your mind and body function well then you will be successful, happy and at peace.” Good Feng Shui is asRead More


A warm invitation to our 39th Annual Seminar. “Energy Medicine & Qigong Immunology”

Sep 3, 2015   //   Uncategorized

Grandmaster Gary Khor Our body is not just designed to move, it needs to move. Proper movement is as critical to our health as good light, clean air, and nourishingRead More


Feng Shui

Jul 6, 2015   //   Uncategorized

Gary Khor has practiced Feng Shui for more than 35 years. Brought up in a traditional Chinese family, his skills were horned from a very young age. He is theRead More


Academy a hit with local masters and media in China

Apr 19, 2015   //   General Updates

Kongtong Masters extolled the obvious internal skills of Academy Instructors and students! Grandmaster Khor received very high praise from experienced Chinese Tai Chi Masters – they noticed the high levelRead More


Qigong at Sunrise

Apr 2, 2015   //   General Updates, Special Events

Qigong at Sunrise ~ Was one of the highlights at the recent Queensland Annual Retreat on the Sunshine Coast – click here to see more pictures. Queenslands Annual Tai ChiRead More


Latest News and upcoming events

Jan 10, 2015   //   General Updates

Have you read Grandmaster Khor’s articles in the Newsletters throughout the year – I have but I have just enjoyed revising the wisdom on practise. Rich Tai Chi Vs PoorRead More


Time to Learn Tai Chi and Qigong – Now!

Jan 9, 2015   //   Classes Updates, Training

New Schedules out now! Now is the time to take positive action to ensure your long-term health and well-being!  It is up to each one of us to look afterRead More


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