Welcome to the Australian Academy of Tai Chi

Jan 1, 2016   //   Articles, Blog, Grandmaster Gary Khor

Our motto “Enjoy Peaceful Tranquility as You Exercise, Mind, Body & Breath” Since 1976, we have been fortunate to help over 200,000 people learn Tai Chi through the Australian AcademyRead More


Grandmaster Khors Spring Newsletter

Sep 28, 2019   //   Uncategorized

The Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong’s 2019, 43rd Annual Seminars, held in Brisbane and Sydney have been hailed by those attending as being one of the best yearsRead More


Grandmasters Newsletter Term 3 2019

Jul 10, 2019   //   Uncategorized

As the medical profession peers deeper into the art of Tai Chi, they are discovering some incredible health benefits that dedicated Tai Chi practitioners have known all along. To sayRead More

Active & Healthy Gold Coast City Council

Jul 10, 2019   //   Classes Updates, Special Events

City Wide Program – FREE & low cost Tai Chi sessions      Monday 15 July to Sunday 22 September 2019      Tuesday 8 October to Sunday 15 December 2019      Tuesday 28Read More

40 Hrs TCQ

40 Hours of Tai Chi Qigong

Mar 23, 2019   //   Uncategorized

The 40 Hour Jammin was created by renowned Brisbane violinist and composer Shenzo Gregorio in response to his mother contracting Motor Neurone Disease. Feeling a sense of wanting to helpRead More


Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit?

Mar 22, 2019   //   Articles, In the Media

Tai Chi v Zumba: Do you have to work up a sweat to get fit? Mike Duffy BBC Science Unit with Michael Mosley and the ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’Read More


Hong Kong – Reflections on Local Tai Chi

Feb 1, 2019   //   Uncategorized

1. Traditional Good to see that traditional Tai Chi is continuing with many masters and devoted students preserving the rich cultural heritage. They practice in the parks, and there areRead More


Applied Mindfulness

Feb 1, 2019   //   Articles, Blog

In Hong Kong it was an honour and privilege to meet Adrian Wan PHD and learn about his work on Self Compassion and Mindfulness. It was most enlightening to hearRead More

Great Wall news

A Tai Chi Present, Mindfulness & Happiness

Nov 23, 2018   //   General Updates, Grandmaster Gary Khor

In Grandmaster Khor’s Newsletter …. Most people’s idea of happiness is acquiring things they desire, and in doing so they are in constant state of action. With their mind onRead More

Taoist Skills

Tai Chi Seminar-Retreat update

Back in 1964 Bruce Lee introduced “Kung Fu” to the United States. At the time people in the US only knew of Karate and Judo after experiencing them in theRead More


Healing Power of Qi

“Qigong” or energy skill has been an integral part of Chinese culture since ancient times. Qi is cultivated for personal health, healing, and martial art power. It involves the studyRead More


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