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Jun 21, 2013   //   General Updates

Gold Tortise and Snake WudangWudang Golden Snake Tortoise gift from Taoist Master Zhou RF1Taoist Master Zhou Tien Qi

Chinese media turned up to welcome the Academy students to Wudang Shan home of the Wulong (5 Dragons) Academy. Taoist Master Zhou Jin-bo assisted by the expert translation by AATC founder Grandmaster Khor strengthened the bond of affiliation between the two schools by teaching the “Eight Golden Treasures” and “Bagua” (Eight Trigram Palms). This was an excellent preview of the skills to be introduced to Australian through the Academy’s Annual Seminars in September.

Master Zhou presented the Academy with a fabulous gift the symbol of Wudang a Snake and Tortoise gold statue.

To watch the Chinese TV News interview of Grandmaster Khor and the tuition with Taoist Master Zhou on Wudang Mountain, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link to our YouTube channel.

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Wudang Tortise Tablet TempleIMAG2455_1_edit01648244842Master Rod Training with Master Zhou


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